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About NCSA

What we do

The role of NCSA is to secure Rwanda’s cyberspace. NCSA was established by Law No 26/2017 of 31/05/2017 and operationalized in 2020.
NCSA defends against growing cyber-threats, protects personal data and guarantees the privacy of individuals in Rwanda.
To prevent cyber-incidents, NCSA through the National Computer Security Incident Response Team (Rw-CSIRT), provides immediate incident response in order to contain the situation, minimize damage and draw lessons for future preventions.
To protect personal data and guarantee privacy, NCSA through the Data Protection and Privacy Office, supervises implementation of law Nº 058/2021 of 13/10/2021 relating to the protection of personal data and privacy.
Specifically, NCSA:
  • Prevents cyber threats and attacks in order to protect Rwanda’s critical infrastructure;
  • Develops cybersecurity policies and strategies to ensure cyber resilience;
  • Oversees implementation of the Law relating to the protection of personal data and privacy;
  • Collaborates with different partners, such as institutions in the public and private sectors, law enforcement and security agencies, academia and civil society, to ensure a secure cyberspace;
  • Works with law enforcement agencies and the public to fight cybercrime.

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