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October kicks off Cybersecurity Awareness Month!


As the world continues to progress quickly in the use of technology and the internet in our daily lives, it is important to ensure the safety and security of people online. As people and businesses rely more on technology and the internet, others work on developing methods and tools to compromise that progress. Online safety is everyone’s responsibility.
At a global level, the month of October has been designated as the cybersecurity awareness month. In Rwanda, the National Cyber Security Authority (NCSA), in collaboration with its partners, will run a national awareness campaign to sensitize the public on cybersecurity best practices and their rights to personal data protection and privacy. This will enable citizens to safely leverage internet technology for access to economic competitiveness and social prosperity.
Key Messages
The campaign messages will be in Kinyarwanda and English.
The campaign name is: Tekana kuri Interineti | Be Safe Online
The hashtag is: #TekanaOnline
The campaign will have 4 key messages as specified below:
Cybersecurity pillar
1. Protect children online/ Rinda abana kuri interineti
  • By discussing with them about the dangers of the internet/ Ubaganiriza ku byago byabibasira igihe bakoresha interineti.
  • By supervising them when they are connected/ Ugenzura ibyo bakorera kuri interineti.
  • By ensuring that they do not access harmful or inappropriate content/ Ukora ibishoboka ngo batagera ku makuru adakwiriye cyangwa ibindi byabakururira ibyago.
2. Fight cybercrime/ Rwanya ibyaha bikorwa hifashishijwe ikoranabuhanga
  • Protect your payments online/ Rinda ubwishyu ukorera ku ikoranabuhanga.
  • Protect your mobile transactions/ Rinda ihererekanya ry’amafaranga ukorera ku ikoranabuhanga.
  • Protect your information online/ Rinda amakuru yawe kuri interineti.
  • Fight online misinformation and fake news/ Rwanya amakuru y’ibihuha yo kuri interineti.
Data Protection Pillar
3. Know your rights to privacy/ Menya uburenganzira ufite ku makuru yawe bwite
  • When you are requested for your information online/ Igihe usabwe amakuru yawe bwite kuri interineti.
  • When you request your information online/ Igihe ushaka amakuru yawe bwite kuri interineti.
  • When you register for a service online/ Igihe wiyandikisha muri serivisi runaka kuri interineti.
4. Know your obligations/ Menya inshingano z’umugenzuzi w’amakuru n’utunganya amakuru
  • To protect personal data/ Mu kurinda amakuru bwite y’umuntu
  • To ensure the right to privacy/– Mu kurinda imibereho bwite y’umuntu
Use the hashtag #TekanaOnline on Twitter to join in the campaign, and follow our social media handles below to learn more about online safety and your rights to personal data protection and privacy.

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01 October 2022

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