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2023 Cybersecurity and Data Protection Awareness Campaign

From 1st October to 17th November 2023, NCSA delivers the annual national cybersecurity and data protection awareness campaign under the theme ‘Tekana Online: Protect Personal Data and Privacy!’
The campaign comes during a significant period where Rwanda’s Law on Personal Data Protection and Privacy approaches the end of its two-year transitional period (15th October 2023).
It is in this regard that alongside raising awareness of cybersecurity best practices, the Tekana Online campaign will sensitize the public on their rights as Data Subjects, and Data Controllers and Data Processors of their obligations to protect personal data and guarantee privacy.
The campaign will reach across the country through traditional media, roadshows, town hall meetings, online events and social media platforms, under the following key messages:
Tekana Online: Protect Personal Data and Privacy!
  1. Know your rights as a Data Subject / Menya uburenganzira ufite ku makuru yawe bwite
  2. Know your obligations as a Data Controller or Data Processor / Menya inshingano z’umugenzuzi w’amakuru n’utunganya amakuru
  3. Fight cybercrime / Rwanya ibyaha bikorwa hifashishijwe ikoranabuhanga
  4. Protect Children online / Rinda abana kuri murandasi
To keep up with the campaign, follow the hashtag #TekanaOnline on all of our social media platforms:

25 September 2023

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