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Alert: Mozilla Security Updates – November 2023

Mozilla has released security updates to address vulnerabilities in Thunderbird, Firefox for iOS, Firefox ESR, and Firefox. Some of these vulnerabilities could be exploited by a cyber-threat actor to take control of an affected system.
Affected Systems
Security Risks
The identified vulnerabilities in Mozilla Thunderbird, Firefox for iOS, Firefox, and Firefox ESR pose a security risk, enabling cyber-attacks that can result in memory corruption, code execution, data compromise, system control, and unauthorized access.
Recommended Actions
The National Cyber Security Authority (NCSA) strongly recommends to system administrators to:
  • Follow Mozilla's Security Advisories to lower the risk of potential exploits, protect systems, and ensure their security.
  • Apply the required and latest security updates as soon as possible.
        The released software version to upgrade to are:
  • Before any update task, please ensure you have a recent backup that can easily be restored.
For further information and support, please contact NCSA by email at or call us on 9009.

27 November 2023

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