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National cybersecurity awareness campaign reaches Nyagatare

The National Cyber Security Authority (NCSA) on October 23 conducted an awareness campaign in Nyagatare focused on raising awareness of online safety best practices and Rwanda’s personal data protection and privacy law.
The campaign, named ‘Tekana Online’ or ‘Be safe online’, kicked off with an awareness session organized in partnership with Nyagatare District, for schools, hospitals and businesses in the hospitality sector, on Rwanda’s Personal Data Protection and Privacy Law.
During the awareness session, NCSA specifically highlighted registration with the Data Protection and Privacy Office as an important step towards compliance, but not compliance itself. Registration ensures the Data Protection and Privacy Office is aware of the processing operations of any entity, and can work with them to ensure they achieve compliance with the law.
In the afternoon, NCSA, in collaboration with the National Bank of Rwanda (BNR), Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB), Rwanda National Police (RNP), and MTN Rwanda conducted an roadshow in Rwimiyaga sector, Nyagatare district to sensitize citizens on best practices to fight cybercrime.
Speaking at the event, Juliet Murekatete, the Vice Mayor in Charge of Social Affairs in Nyagatare District, expressed that they often receive reports of cyber threats, such as phishing and mobile money scams, adding that raising awareness is crucial to addressing the issues.
During the roadshow, sector residents enjoyed entertainment and were tipped on how to safeguard their personal data and protect themselves from cyber threats and online fraudsters.
They were advised not to share their passwords and to exercise caution when approached by unknown individuals requesting information, photos, or other personal details. The attendees were also encouraged to avoid engaging in cybercrime as that could lead to legal trouble and imprisonment.
Samuel Dushimimana, a resident of Rwimiyaga Sector who participated in the campaign, mentioned that he learned the importance of not disclosing personal information like phone numbers and passwords to people he doesn’t know.
“I learned to avoid fraudsters who claim to have sent me money. I have to report them to RIB so that they can be punished," he added.

23 October 2023

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