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NCSA officially launches the Data Protection Office

On the 31st of March, NCSA (the National Cyber Security Authority) launched the data protection office, as part of the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Rwanda’s official launch event.
The mission of the data protection office is to spearhead activities that ensure protection of personal data and guarantee the privacy of individuals in Rwanda. NCSA’s data protection office will serve as the headquarters for all of these activities.
C4IR Rwanda works to design and pilot new approaches to technology governance that foster innovation in an inclusive and responsible manner. Particularly to the Rwandan context, C4IR has focused on ensuring effective data governance.
This made C4IR a critical partner during the formulation process of Rwanda’s law on personal data and privacy. As thought leaders in responsible use of technology, C4IR is an important stakeholder in both the launching of NCSA’s data protection office, and the successful implementation of the law itself.
This partnership and alignment of objectives provided a platform for an event that celebrated two milestones, the official launch of C4IR, and the official launch of NCSA’s data protection office.
NCSA’s data protection office will oversee:
  • Registration of data controllers and data processors in Rwanda
  • Investigations of complaints
  • Data compliance audits
  • Sensitization of the law on personal data protection and privacy
  • Research on data processing and computer technology
  • Exercising of control on all personal data protection issues
The launch of the data protection office was followed by a panel discussion on ‘The Role of Multi-stakeholder Cooperation in Shaping Africa’s Data Protection Landscape’, featuring representation from the World Economic Forum, C4IR Rwanda and the World Bank.
You can catch the full event online through the following link:
You can also catch up with the full conversation on Twitter, through the hashtags #Rwanda4IR and #DPOLaunch.

31 March 2022

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